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The Muraho Trading Company built the Bumbogo washing station in 2017. located in Gakenke in Rwanda's northern province, it is a region that is well known for producing high-quality coffee. The washing station started with 97 drying tables and in the second year added another 20. Farmers received bonus payments for their excellent crops in both years. Bumbogo currently processes coffee from 523 local producers. After the cherries are delivered to Bumbogo, they are pulped and fermented for 12 hours, then the beans are graded based on size and density from A1 - A4. This is lot 18302. 

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Tasting Notes: Information:
Cranberry Origin: Rwanda
Lime Region: Gakenke
Floral Producer:  Muraho Trading Co
Processing: Washed 
Varietal: Bourbon

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