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[eighthirty black label] brazil santuario sul - filter

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Introducing the second instalment of our eighthirty black label limited coffee series.

eighthirty black label  is a series of seasonal, micro-lot coffees selected for their high quality and unique flavour profiles.  These coffees will showcase hand-picked coffees from a small, carefully-selected section of a single farm with specific microclimates.

These coffees will only be available in small batches. The limited quantity allows for greater attention to detail in the harvesting, processing, and roasting stages resulting in a one-of-a-kind flavour profile.

Our second coffee is the brazil santuario sul - filter

Luiz Paulo Dias is the owner of Santuario Sul Farm, which spans 120 hectares, with only 58 hectares designated for coffee production. The farm cultivates a range of coffee varieties, including Geisha, Sudan Rume, SL28, Yirgacheffe, Laurina, Yellow Bourbon, and many other exotic varietals.

Luiz Paulo  and his teams also implements differentiated cultivation practices, such as shade planting, and innovative processes, like New Flavors, which have contributed to the unique and exceptional taste of their coffees.  With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, the farm has secured a notable presence in the market for its exceptional coffee offerings. 

The first two harvests, after implementing the new varietals and processes, were critical in establishing the farm's reputation and gaining recognition from customers and judges alike for the unique flavours and quality of their coffee.

After being mechanically picked, the coffee cherries are carefully placed in water to float and remove any low-density or defective cherries. The selected cherries are then transported to barrels where they undergo a meticulous fermentation process for 72 hours. Following this, the cherries are spread out on raised beds and left to dry for 22 to 24 days until they reach the optimal moisture level.

Its profile boasts sweet flavour notes reminiscent of stone fruit, it has herbaceousness, and a distinct acidity akin to our native Kawakawa plant. As the brew cools, look for a capsicum characteristic, further enhancing the coffee's complexity.

This coffee is a completely rare experience in the cup, you will find things you may have never tried before.

This coffee is limited to 125 bags so don't wait. Order now!


Tasting notes:

sweet plum

fruit tea





farm: santuario sul

region: caro de minas 

grower: luiz paolo dias

variety: SL 28
process: natural, fermented for 72 hours
elevation: 1100-1300 masl.

score: +88


Best brew method: 


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