Since starting out 10 years ago we've strived to account for what economists term "externalities".

These are essentially the costs of doing business that are paid for externally - ie by society, the environment, staff etc.

From being one of the first coffee companies using compostable cups and packaging, moving to reusable tins, paying the living wage from our inception, being the first customer of WeCompost to being one of the first in NZ to order a new (and expensive) coffee roaster that uses 80% gas than comparable roasters of it's size, our take on sustainability has been overarching.

Moving forward to the present, we still are wholly owned by those working in the business with key staff being given equity stakes.

We've moved on to sourcing direct from coffee farmers where possible but always with a focus on quality and consistency - something we were unable to achieve with Fair trade coffee in our early days.

We're currently working with Sam Judd who founded Sustainable Coastlines (and whom we've supported in there work for over 7 years) to turn us into a 'Net Positive' business. This means going further than offsetting a few tons of carbon. It's a ground up re assessment of how we go about supporting other small business, primarily through our coffee but often in various other ways.

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