brazil santa rita


Santa Rita estate has been owned by the Milanez Lacerda family since 1896. In1966 the government eradicated all coffee plants due to an infestation of coffee berry borer that had spread through the entire region. In 1971 the government then incentivised local farmers to plant new crops with a strong focus on producing quality coffee. Then in 2005 the family decided to focus all their energy on producing speciality coffee and developing and improving pre and post-harvest processes. The soil on the farm contributes greatly to the quality of this coffee as it is deep, well structured with lots of organic matter.

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Tasting Notes: Information:
Sweet Origin: Brazil 
Balanced Region: Serra do Caparao
Red fruit Producer: 
Jhone Milanez Lacerda
Processing: Natural 
Varietal: Red Catuai

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