jardines del eden


Jardines del Eden is located in Quindio region of Colombia and was purchased by Cofinet in 2018 and when Felipe Arcila started running it was planted with over 50% Castillo varietal, Felipe and Carlos (Cofinet founder) decided to plant the rest of the farm with all sorts of exotic varietals of coffee. This one is a Castillo and is dry anaerobically fermented for 30hrs before then being pulped and fermented for a further 20 hrs with the mucilage on, finally, it is gently washed and shade dried.

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Tasting Notes: Information:
Pineapple Masl: 1600-2050
fig Region: Quindio
maple syrup
Producer: Felipe arcila
Processing: Washed 

Varietal: Castillo


For this coffee, we recommend a brew ratio of 1:1.5

Best brewing method for this coffee: