Tanzania Mbalizi


This lot is from the Mbeya region of Mbalizi, located in Southwest Tanzania, the Mbalizi co-op (Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society- AMCOS) had 62 members, together this group produces 25 metric tonnes of coffee a year!

The vast majority of Tanzania’a Arabica is produced by 400,000 small farmers who grow 90% of the countries coffee.

and the during the harvest, through the months of June to September, the coffee is hand-picked and then pulped using a hand eco-pulper, which can process 300 kgs of cherry per day.

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Tasting Notes: Information:
Chocolate Origin: Tanzania
Meyer lemon Region: Mbeya
Stone fruit Producer: Mbalizi Co-op
Processing: Africa Process
Varietal: Kent and Bourbon

Best brewing method for this coffee: 


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