a compostable cupdate.

a compostable cupdate.

Meet our new compostable cup crew - they're something a little different.

We've designed our new compostable takeaway cups to be eye catching in all the right ways. Less us, more them. 

These fish don't belong in the ocean.

From the outset, eighthirty has made significant, purposeful and impactful decisions to ensure we consistently move forward as a business with a planet positive mindset. This means everything we do, we consider how it impacts the environment around us.

We partnered with Sustainable Coastlines back in 2014 to help educate ourselves on ways we can protect our oceans and work towards the goal of becoming a net-positive business. We support their work by sponsoring events, fundraising programmes like Litter Intelligence, and attending in-person meet ups with the team at SC to help us stay keyed up on relevant actionable projects the team is working on.

We've designed these cups to act as a statement. We want you to think twice about where the cup ends up. The goal? Not the ocean. We've attached a helpful resource guide below on how to compost items at home:


Small daily reminders that single use isn't our future happens in small changes. As a coffee roaster, we need to figure out ways in which we can minimise our single use impact. This is us being as transparent and as open as possible that yes, we do still have single use and yes, it's not great - in-fact it sucks.


1% for the Planet

eighthirty are proud members of 1% for the Planet. From now till forever, we are committed to protecting & preserving our environment. Being a part of 1% means we donate 1% of our yearly revenue towards a NFP organisation that dedicate their resources to fighting climate change, protecting our land, sea and wildlife and researching ways to move towards a sustainable way of producing foods.

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