One of the most important and crucial ideals since the beginning of Eighthirty was making sure we were a coffee roaster that put sustainable practises at its core. It's imperative to us that our impact on this Earth is as light as possible.

We source our beans direct from coffee farmers where possible, but always with a focus on quality and consistency. Each blend we craft comes with an origin backstory so you know exactly where your coffee beans are coming from.

Read on to discover our sustainable journey.




First Coffee Roaster to introduce 'WeCompost'

Our coffee waste is taken to a large-scale compost facility in Tuakau. Here, the compostable waste is mixed with about 10 times as much green waste, mulched together, and then laid out into long piles called 'air-assisted windrows'. The organic waste is blasted with hot air (around 75 degrees), which breaks the waste down over about 9 weeks.



Reusable Cups & Packaging

We partnered with Innocent Packaging to switch over our entire takeaway cup and coffee bag range, ensuring all our single use products are totally recyclable. Innocent use PLA-lined paper cups with PLA lids. All paper is FSC approved meaning they can be recycled again or composted.



Origin Reports

If you've ever purchased a bag of out coffee before, you'll notice each of our blends and filters comes with its own origin report. It’s important to us to know where our coffee comes from, the people, the farms, the regions. We work directly with our green bean farmers to ensure long term and close relationships are maintained and fair working standards are met across board.



Switching To A Low Emissions Roaster

Our state of the art Loring Roaster was purchased with one goal in mind - to emit the least amount of fumes while roasting as possible. Our roaster saves up to 80% on fuel and reduction of greenhouse gases in every roast, compared to conventional roasters. This one-of-a-kind thermodynamic installation means we can stay true to our roast profile, so we can deliver the ultimate result – coffee beans with flavour like no other.



Moving To Reusable Buckets

If you've visited our Auckland Roastery you'll have seen our wall of tin buckets constantly in rotation. We decided to cut down on wasteful packaging by introducing reusable buckets for our local Auckland cafe's. Change happens in small steps and although it requires a little more hard work, it pays off in the end. (Plus we think they look much cooler on the shelf)



Sustainable Coastlines Partnership

We're working alongside 'Sustainable Coastlines' to help turn us into a 'Net Positive' business. This means going further than offsetting a few tons of carbon. It's a re-assessment of how we go about supporting other small business through our coffee and in any other way we can. To see the work their doing around the country, visit them here



Partnering with Plant Projects

The year that took alternative milks into the mainstream. Milking cows are out, and rightly so! We teamed up with the epic crew at Plant Projects to offer our Eighthirty customers a kiwi owned and operated milk alternative. These guys are new to the scene but are taking off in ways no one could have imagined. The time of the oat is upon us.



1% For The Planet Members

This year, we became offical members of 1% for the Planet. This means that 1% of our annual revenue goes towards selected charities protecting the Planet and its inhabitants. Charities selected are vetted through the organisation ensuring that they comply with the non-for-profit standards.


Our goal is to become Carbon Neutral by 2023. Watch this space!