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brazil ibiraci PB - espresso

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Ibiraci is a region characterised by its higher altitude compared to the surrounding areas, featuring a flat plateau that yields excellent quality. This specific region provides a distinct flavor profile. Additionally, the notable presence of family-run farms is a highlight, fostering a transformative movement focused on improving quality, technology, and innovation.

This particular lot was meticulously chosen to be part of this specialty peaberry selection. PB or peaberry is a name given to a special looking coffee bean. Peaberries are the result of a natural mutation in the coffee cherry. Usually you would find two beans in a single coffee cherry but in this case it’s a single rounded bean. Peaberry mutations occur in approximately 5% of all coffee. The beans are known for being rounder, smaller and denser, which can contribute to a more even roast.

We found this coffee is a perfect fit for our single origin espresso with its round sweetness and creamy texture!

Tasting Notes: Information:
Dried apple Producer:  Various smallholder producers
Hokey pokey Region: Pocos de Caldas and Ibiraci in Alta Mogiana
Hazelnut Elevation:  1000 - 2000 masl.
Processing: Natural

Varietal: Red Bourbon, Catuai, Catucai


Best brewed for:

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